Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Have you heard those words: “You have breast cancer”?  It can come as a shock.
Many things may go around in your mind in the hours and days following that diagnosis, especially when you hear what treatments are in store for you.

There is so much information out there,
There are so many ways of treating breast cancer,
How can you possibly absorb what you need to know?

I have done a lot of research out of personal necessity.  Do you want to get and stay current about the world of breast cancer? You can:
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3. Visit this website from time to time for new blog posts
4. Check out the pathology chart link above! – *Everything* depends on the pathology.
Getting familiar with yours is a great way to start understanding proposed treatments.

And, last but not least, to get and devour the info you need NOW,
5. You can get the best new breast cancer book, to read, understand, refer to as needed during treatment and far beyond.

Conversationally written, “Smart Decisions about Breast Cancer – Choices, Risks, Living Well, Preventing Recurrence” is the best new breast cancer book and is “ahead of the curve” – you’ll read about the latest research and treatment options so that you can be a knowledgeable participant in your health care.

How many of us have heard this: “You can do this treatment or that treatment / you can do this first or that first / you need more surgery / you need chemotherapy.

Smart Decisions about Breast Cancer” has practical tools will help you make it through breast cancer with knowledge and control over your life and treatments:

  • What is the new standard of care?
    (Things are evolving rapidly in breast cancer but it takes time to implement new standards at the patient level)
  • Which treatments are best for you?
  • Why is your doctor recommending a particular treatment?
  • How do you understand your pathology report? What does mean?
  • What is your subtype and why does that matter?
  • How can you manage symptoms to get through treatments more easily?
  • Practical tips to help make good treatment decisions that work for you
  • Cope and live well after the nightmare
  • Help your family and friends learn steps they can take to “dodge the bullet”
  • For the future: What is your risk of recurrence, by sub-type
  • What’s new in research

And…if you are supporting a friend going through treatment, get the book so you can understand what she or he has to deal with, and help them to understand the options, or just be there for them in these trying days and the many others that follow.

Buy Smart Decisions about Breast Cancer