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A fresh start for 2016!

The new year always jumps out at me even though I know it’s coming.
And today is pretty special for me – my book Smart Decisions about Breast Cancer – choices, risks, living well, preventing recurrence is finally available for you and your friends to order from my website in paperback form.

I try to keep up with the latest in  breast cancer news and was quite happy to see the topics presented at the December 2015 San Antonio breast cancer conference – numerous of the conference topics have already been addressed in my book!

My book is “ahead of the curve”.  You don’t have to be a conference attendee to learn the most current thinking in breast  cancer – simply read Smart Decisions about Breast Cancer.

I’ll be doing some book signings around town in the coming weeks and months.

I will start the new year with a presentation at a local health store in Mississauga (Event – Living Well through Breast Cancer and Beyond), where you can hear about living well through and beyond breast cancer, with a discussion of numerous natural substances that have anti-breast cancer properties. You’ll want to know about these to help prevent a recurrence.

Happy New Year and good health to all!


Smart Decisions about Breast Cancer – Choices, Risks, Living Well, Preventing Recurrent

It’s June and I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my new book. Did you notice I’ve changed the title?
I think it is very appropriate and hope it resonates with you.
So much is happening with breast cancer research. It is truly wonderful that such progress is being made.
Still waiting for breakthrough results, of course.
But maybe they are in the works.
Let’s not be complacent and accept assurances that in 25 years we will see a cure. That is nonsense.

If you have been following my facebook page, you will know that there are lots of interesting tidbits out there, some of which are reassuring and some of which give one pause to think.
Check out the page, “like” it, and you’ll get my future posts to the page.
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I want to revamp this website but without the time to do so, it is easier to update what is here.
I hope you enjoy.
And share the information with your friends who are in a “need to know” position, if you know what I mean.