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Vice President Biden’s Moonshot Initiative to Cure Cancer

So on Tuesday we heard President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address and heard about Joe Biden’s #Moonshot initiative to cure #cancer.


That is amazing. Billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research since Richard Nixon enacted the National Cancer Act in 1971, but where has it got us?

The research world focuses on identifying targets for toxic drug therapies that cut a wide swath through our bodies, damaging good and bad cells without discrimination.

We need leaders such as Obama and Biden who are showing that the goal should be CURE, not esoteric research. Research that does not focus on cure as its goal certainly increases the body of human knowledge, and our knowledge of the human body, but it does not get us to the cure.

As a breast cancer survivor, I want a cure for my disease, to know that it is definitively gone and will not recur in my body.

This Moonshot initiative will hopefully set the bar high, so that the research community gets really fixated on cancer cure rather than cancer status quo, which tries to make us believe it will take more decades and more of those billions and billions of dollars to find a cure.

We need a research model that is open source and open access. We need a cure-goal-oriented, efficient approach to research that avoids wasteful duplication of research studies and related resources.

Good for Joe #Biden for promising to address the research silos. Good for him to think about using #bigdata to synthesize mountains of data that can reveal insights to inform current treatment strategies. Good for him for saying it’s time to stop the fruitless cure research merry-go-round we’re on, and time to produce results that are as significant as the polio vaccine was in the 1950’s.  Good for stating we need breakthroughs.

Go, Joe, Go!
check this out, direct from VP Biden